Send me a stereotype about my country and I will tell you if it applies to me.


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but really

she’s like

did you know how it hurt when I ran through you and smashed my face against the ground

and now you’ll feEL MY PAIN, [I’d put an insult here, but it’s Yuna we’re talking about]


All legendary Pokémon, minus Diancie, Volcanion and Hoopa! Because I completely forgot about them hahaha…

Originally this was going to be some glorious digital painting all dramatic-like and have multiple backgrounds showing the locations each legendary is found.


I am so burnt out on this, so…. enjoy a simpler version of it. :’D

(I also reused a drawing I did of the Sinnoh legends I did a long time ago, and that Rayquaza drawing I did a while ago *SOB*)

“Don’t you dare, for one minute,
believe that my kindness makes me
anything but insurmountable.
I did not unzip my chest to every kind of hurt,
and stagger back, wounded and alive,
just to hear you call me weak for trying.”
- Ashe Vernon (aka latenightcornerstore), from her poem, Softness, in Words Dance 16. (via ladyofbagend)


Mother of Sorrows

The unnamed mother’s of FFX have always interested me, maybe purely because of their lack of a name. One died for love, one died for forgiveness, and the other died for atonement. All died alone. Each drives a nail into my heart.


Some people like to take drugs or do alcohol.  but me? I like to hole myself up in my room to draw Zelink for four hours.  

(…I’m getting better at it :’D)